About Dijon RentAhome

Dijon-RentAhome SARL Luxury boat Wine & Water
3 rue du Port
21320 Vandenesse
Mobile n°: + 337 71 81 96 24
Contact n°: + 337 71 81 96 24
Web site:www.dijonrentahome.com

Societe responsabilite limitee au capital de 7000 Euros
Company registration number : 498 529 270 R.C.S. BEAUNE
SIRET 498 529 270 000 15
VAT Registration number : FR15498529270

La maintenance et le pilotage de bateaux, l'organisation de croisières et de visites touristiques guidés, la location de leurs appartements meublés et services rendu pour le compte des propriétaires de leurs appartements meublés sur Dijon

About the owners

When you contact Dijon-RentAhome,you'll be in talking with Beatrice. She will be answering all your questions about availability and reservations.

Beatrice and Max Renau have been living in Burgundy for more than 25 years.

They own 4 high standing rental apartments in Dijon city center, and manage a total of 12 holiday homes all available for short term rent throughout the year.

They also operate one of Burgundy's most successful charter barge cruises called "Wine & Water", the barge accommodates 6 passengers and cruises on the canals and rivers near Dijon and Beaune.

Inquiry & availability

Please use the form below to check the availability or ask any other questions.

After you have submitted your enquiry form, if you do not receive a reply by email from Beatrice within the next 24 hours then please telephone or send an email